Minggu, 19 April 2009

Grammar Bites - There is - There are - There isn't - There aren't

(golf courses) There are some golf courses in Jakarta
(shopping centres) There are many of 
shopping centres in Jakarta
(International Schools) There are many International Schools in Jakarta 
(ice rinks) There is some ice rinks in Jakarta
(virtual reality game centres) there is some virtual reality game centres in Jakarta
(movie theatres) There are movie theatres alot in Jakarta
(hospitals) There are many hospital
(car wash centres) There are many car wash centres in Jakarta
(photocopy centres) There are many photocopy centres in Jakarta
(chair lifts) There are many 
chair lifts in Jakarta

Selasa, 14 April 2009

MInes in the World

Chiquicamata Mine

Riotinto Mines

Santa Rita Mine

Falipeboralli Phosphate Mine

Cerro Rico Mine

Uncountable noun and Countable minerals

1. There is zinc is found in south America
2. There is gold is found in Sumbawa.
3. There is coal in the middle east of United Kingdom
4. There is iron ore in Sumbawa also but in the mine.
5. There is copper in Peru
6. There are diamonds in the mine in Sumbawa
7. There are sapphires in the Cambodia
8. There are emeralds in the Colombia
9. There are rubies in the Thailand
10. There are pearls in the mouth of the shell