Kamis, 04 Juni 2009


     Today May, 28,2009 is the first day of the exhibition and I felt a little nervous. There were two questions that the people asked, “Is there only one type of turtle?” and the second one was, “What is the difference between them?” We got tired. Kindergarten up to grade 3 came to our exhibition. On the smart board outside the presentation place, Zaky presented the school his quiz.

     I got to press the button every 1:30 second on my laptop that makes me exhausted for my Olive turtle project. Gaudi made a presentation and we were in the second group in the first section. This was our First Exhibition. Gaudi made an iMovie that I didn’t need to speak a lot because it was already explained in the movie. I was a risk-taker because I answered the questions that the people asked me.


      On the second day of the exhibition we did the same thing as on Thursday. The grade 4 to grade 7 came to our exhibition to see the exhibition. We presented it 2 times. Usually we presented at only one session but we needed to perform because grade 7 came at lunch time, so we got to present the session again. This made me a little late for lunch.


      Today was Zaky who presented his quiz on the Smartboard. There was only one special session for the owner who built Sinarmas World Academy. It was after lunchtime on Friday, 29 2009. They were two people and we played “Are you smarter than the fifth grader?” Johnny and Min soo played for grade 5. The winner was the SWA team, the score was 100 for SWA and 60 for Ms Indah’s team.

       Ms. Indah had to say that she is not smarter than a fifth grader. One of them said they were smarter than the fifth grader than after a while they said they were not smarter than a fifth grader. They gave JCo donuts because they. The game was Zaky’s laptop quiz. Most of us said we wanted the Oreo ones. We all got to drink Pocari Sweat.

        I didn’t drink my Pocari Sweat in the school but I gave it to Gaudi. I’m happy about the Exhibition and I met a lot of people who gave me a lot of advice. I’m looking forward to grade 6 next year after the holiday. I’m a communicator because I spoke Indonesian and English to tell them what is the exhibition to tell them in both languages.  


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